Studio Bracher is an integrated Strategic Design firm, dedicated to addressing matters of global concern - by leveraging an ever-growing scientific network, industrial design know-how, and brand & communication expertise, we work to deliver science-informed solutions to leave a positive impact on the world at large.

It's not about what we do. It's about what you gain.

Our holistic approach to product design and strategy enables our clients to access new markets, accelerate growth, elevate brand visibility, and evolve product portfolios for contemporary culture.

We partner with global design brands and fortune 100 companies, startups, non-profits, and governments to conceptualize, design, develop, launch, and scale innovative products and businesses.

The company we keep

Our Expertise

We focus your opportunity

We identify market trends and opportunities, and develop strategies where we can leverage design to drive growth for each brand. We collaborate with businesses to focus their product strategy, establishing a solid foundation for growth.

We conceptualize and design your next product

We design products with the intent to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our designs are not simply aesthetically pleasing; we consider business objectives, contemporary culture, and human needs to create products that help businesses evolve and grow.

We enhance your voice

Cutting through the noise in today's market is more important than ever. We guide our client's go-to-market to ensure the same insights and differentiation are delivered even through communication.

Our Capabilities

Our approach is purpose-built around our client’s unique business challenges, and we bring multidisciplinary creative expertise to every stage of the engagement.

We engage with your teams or augment where needed. Our focus is coherence, from start to finish.  We believe it is key for a product to be successful that holistic oversight is established to maintain consistency and focus in the execution of the vision. Front Insight to communication.

Design Advisory
Strategic Partnerships & Acquisitions
Product Strategy & Roadmapping
Creative Direction
Opportunity Discovery
Fractional Chief Design Office
Contemporization of Offering
Product DNA Definition
Sustainability Coaching
Portfolio / Brand Tune-up
Product Design
Engineering Support
Design Development
Concept Design
Prototyping Reviews
Sustainable Design
IP Strategy
Scaled Manufacturing Support
Pre-design Advisory
Industrial Design
Competitive Audit
Launch Support
Art Direction
Brand Activations
Events & Exhibitions Design
Go-to-Market Support
Packaging Design
Sales Tool Support
Showroom Design

Extended Capabilities

A Tailored Approach

Each opportunity poises unique challenges, therefore when required we tailor our team from a carefully curated network of experts.  Hand picked experts in their own industries and integrated on an as required basis. Not every engineer is the same, nor is every opportunity, which is why instead of having in-house capabilities we have a stable of experts who are assembled as needed to meet your specific challenge, under our direction and management.

Expert Partners
Brand Design
CGI and Visualizations
Design for Manufacturing
Digital Design
Electrical Engineering
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Manufacturing & Development
Manufacturing Sourcing
Marketing / Communication
Material Science
Mechanical Engineering
Media Realtionships
Optical Engineering
Public Relations
Social Influencers
Vendor Selection
Video Production
Web / App Design & Development

What's next / What's Possible

We're always pushing the bounds of what's possible. Our future is not predicated on the past, but leverages the cumulative experience and resources we have established along the way.

Our expert-driven and multidisciplinary team enables us to achieve industry-leading solutions that our clients (and their competitors) can't achieve alone. Our results raise the barrier of entry and enable broader market applications, technical innovations and award-winning IP.

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