Establishing a position of authority within an industry


Known for material innovation and powerhouse engineering, 3M approached Todd Bracher Studio for direction when they took their own architectural market position. The challenge: to create a position of authority within the established industry of architectural lighting and surfaces.

We began with an in-depth analysis of 3M’s brand, culture, and capabilities, limitations and strengths. We studied the market, scanning for breakthrough opportunities. And we developed a plan to bring it all together that leveraged 3M's unique capabilities of material engineering and physics. Our approach was to create attention-getting, iconic, beautiful projects and a unique brand position that capitalized on the existing capabilities of 3M—in short, to make an unprecedented statement only 3M could make. Working closely with 3M’s team of physicists and optical engineers, we went far beyond decorative lighting, leveraging capabilities at the cutting edge of lighting technology and science to produce two groundbreaking works: Vessel and Lightfalls. Operating as a strategic partner in direct engagement with 3M senior leadership, we were tasked with articulating a voice for the brand — developing events, trade show appearances, advertisements, print collateral, video, and still photography. Our work culminated in the creation of a brand DNA book, designed as a roadmap for the processes and thinking that would help differentiate 3M's position in the architectural markets: a true innovator with applied sciences at the core.

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