Establishing a legacy for a contemporary audience

Issey Miyake

As a long-time collaborator of Issey Miyake, we were tasked with defining a new era for the Miyake brand that connects to a new audience in a sustainable, meaningful way.

The Issey Miyake brand is concept-driven. Their fragrance brands are known for their purity and essential expression of nature. Having a collaboration that extends over ten years we have guided the brand to meet the new generation of consumers who value design, poetry, and above all sustainability. An example of an innovation we have introduced was the fragrance a'drop d'Issey, a concept that is fundamentally pure, precise, and human. We challenged the notion of the fragrance bottle but laid it nearly flat. Allowing for a new user experience in hand. By making this decision we also reduce the use of the material in the packaging by 8%, which at scale for the Miyake business, is a meaningful reduction of its environmental footprint without disrupting existing supply chains and material resources.‍

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