Innovation meets essentialism


The Alodia stool achieves its bracing, minimalist design with a single-minded focus on function over form. After reducing the concept of a stool to the bare minimum of material, we arrived at a surprising, magical design: Alodia presents a refreshing, bold profile, and a daring modernist take on the bar stool. Carefully engineered to withstand the rigors of life as a bar stool and sitters of all weights while using the bare minimum of materials, Alodia is more than a stool. It’s a magic trick.

Bar stools are important for an architect’s finished space — especially in the hospitality field, where there may be many in a room. We wanted to create a piece to support the architect’s vision, not one that spoke loudly on its own. So we set out to design a stool with the bare minimum of material, reducing as far as possible, until only the absolute necessities remained. The result is not stylish, it’s timeless: Alodia is a stackable seat that’s able to thrive in any space and any configuration.

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