Equipped For The New Contemporary


Fragment is a configurable solution that addresses the wide variety of contemporary needs in both the home and workplace. Designed as components, a sort of alphabet where the specifier can arrange the elements as needed, to solve for work from home, privacy, connectivity, or simply as a cosy place to nap on the weekend.

Responding to the rapidly changing ways in which we work and live today, Bracher’s design enables a wide variety of configurations, adapting to multiple settings and uses. Fragment reconsiders the balance between plush home seating and the typically less inviting office equivalent. Instead, the proportions are slim, light, and mobile – but Fogia’s trademark comfort is retained through the use of cushions, handily tethered to the seats. Commitment to an exceptional user experience manifests in every detail, from stitching to materials and acoustics. ‘Glimpse gaps’ slice through corners so it’s easy to gauge occupancy without interruption, while back and side sections flow upwards to grant the sitter privacy. This thoughtful approach makes Fragment the ideal solution for seating in the workplace, the home, or wherever the two worlds meet.

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