Sustainably using light to curb a global pandemic


As science-informed designers, the moment the pandemic emerged, we felt obliged to contribute in a meaningful way. Quickly we saw waste associated with mitigation, specifically hand sanitizers. Understanding the water consumption, plastic bottle waste, and transportation issues, we researched and developed an environmentally responsible, more effective, and lower-cost alternative.

In the winter of 2020, our studio was asked to support a science-based response to the global pandemic. We understood well the emerging technologies around viral deactivation using 222nm spectrum (Far-UVC) light. We felt rather than deploying this technology throughout architecture which was the area of focus for so many businesses, we saw a greater concern unfolding. Hand sanitization was and remains key in stopping the spread of the virus and most all other pathogens for that matter. As we watched the world deploy record amounts of liquid sanitizer everywhere possible we knew this would have dire environmental consequences. The enormous consumption of water, plastic bottles, transport, ongoing maintenance, resulting in a tremendous environmental, and financial burden. Our solution is hypoallergenic, requires no water, no maintenance, no staffing, no refilling and is more effective in deactivating virals. We, therefore, launched our solution to deliver a better alternative for our world, at a fraction of the cost by using the power of light to address one of the world's most pressing concerns.

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