Bringing to life a new type of sustainable manufacturing


Launching in 2007, Mater looked to establish their position as a new but credible player. We guided the brand through the development of supply resources, worked to assess potential opportunities in the market, and helped to develop a complete product offer. Finally, Mater needed a bold statement piece to anchor their collection, introducing this new Danish brand to the world design stage.

Ethical manufacturing As a founding member of Mater, we had constructed a new method of manufacturing, not by only using sustainable practices, but also by looking to coach suppliers on how to work ethically. We had looked for offending vendors, and polluters, and brokered an agreement that we would supply proper ventilation, clean water solutions, masks, and whatever was needed to get them online to be an ethical vendor. In return, they supplied our products while they as a supplier became available to other manufacturers looking for clean suppliers to collaborate with. A win-win for all.

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