The World's Most Sustainable Office Chair


Introducing a new standard in environmental responsibility. Path takes Humanscale's ethos to the next level, building on our legacy of designing products that are minimal, ergonomic and sustainable; and a lifetime commitment to creating a measurable impact

Built for the Workplace of Today - Path is a revolution in everyday work seating, combining integrated ergonomic support with a customizable aesthetic to fit any work environment, whether in-office or at home. Designed for You and Your Environment - Path was engineered to make the complex simple. No matter where you work, Path seamlessly adapts to meet your needs. Inclusivity Included - Path's unique weight compensation mechanism means that 95% of the population can sit comfortably on the chair, unlike most chairs, which only consider an overall target at the 50th percentile average weight of all genders. Humanscale considers everyone and every body when we design our seating.

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