Connecting a market through human experience

Shaw Contract Group

When Shaw Contract Group approached Studio Bracher to produce a new flooring collection, we worked to deliver a unique selling proposition. Our insight was simple: that flooring could be designed, not according to an arbitrary aesthetic, but to tell a more compelling story. That story, in turn, would become a unique way of connecting with architects, designers, and specifiers.

In exploring the concept of filling spaces, we immediately gravitated towards music and the power of how music filled a space. Music is truly universal, transcending culture, class, and time. Could we produce a floor that leveraged the timelessness of music? The Music Project is the answer to this question. It’s an authentic visual translation of the language of music, representing sound, design, and science in harmony. We commissioned custom software, built to convert audio data into Studio-curated imagery. The resulting textiles capture a universal reality—a tempo and pattern that reflect music’s every nuance create a timeless look that transcends fashion and style. Offered in a five-element collection, our clients now have the ability to fill an environment physically, not with ‘stripes’ or ‘dots,’ but with the essence of Jazz, Classical, Electronica, or Ambient music, complete with moments of well-timed silence: a wholly new and unique position in the marketplace.

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